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Pet Surgery in Topsfield, MA


Routine & Complex Procedures

We provide a wide array of surgical services; routine spay and neuters of dogs and cats of all sizes as well as therapeutic soft-tissue surgeries: tumor removals, wound repairs and surgeries of the GI tract, liver, kidney, bladder, eye, ear, oral cavity and larynx. Various orthopedic procedures are also performed on-site, such as ACL repairs. Dr. Wilson has over 25 years of surgical experience.

Surgery scheduled quickly and only when needed

Having surgery done on your dog or cat is a big decision. At Topsfield Veterinary Hospital LLC, we have the experience to know when surgery is necessary, the expertise to perform it efficiently and the ability to schedule it in a timely fashion so that your pet is home and recovering as soon as possible.
Pet Surgery -  Wellness Exams in Topsfield, MA