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Pet Medicine in Topsfield, MA

When your pet has a problem we do everything we can to see it in a timely fashion. Over 90% of our sick calls get scheduled that same day.


At Topsfield Veterinary Hospital LLC, we are skilled at dealing with a wide variety of pet ailments. Typical ailments we diagnosis and treat are diseases of the skin, eyes, ears, gastrointestinal tract, cardiac, pulmonary and endocrine systems, as well as cancer.


Using both in-house equipment and off-site services, we offer a full array of laboratory testing. Blood chemistries, urinalysis, culture and sensitivities, histopathology and cytology are all performed with fast turn-around times, often the same day.
Pet Check up -  Wellness Exams in Topsfield, MA


X-rays (radiographs) are take on-site and results are available and interpreted immediately. Ultrasonography services are available through a convenient referral to a local specialty service, scheduling is often the same or next-day. Endoscopy is arranged in a similar fashion.